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En Ru
2,440 koz of gold
produced in 2018 (2017: 2,160 koz)
348 $/oz
Total cash cost per ounce sold
605 $/oz
All-in sustaining cash cost
Ore processed, kt
28,663 2017
38,025 2018
Adj. EBITDA $ mln
1,702 2017
1,865 2018
6 6 operating assets: 5 hard-rock mines and alluvial operations
2,915 $ mln
Total Revenue in 2018
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) per 200k hours worked in 2018

Sustainability approach

Sustainability approach

Pavel Grachev, Chief Executive Officer of PJSC Polyus:

Over the years, Polyus has made significant progress in embedding sustainability across our operations. As a major enterprise, we must work responsibly to ensure that Polyus continues to create value for all of our stakeholders. This involves a commitment to developing our employees and protecting the broader communities where we operate as well as the natural environment.

Polyus in major ESG ratings

Sustainalytics 71 (“Outperformer” — November 2018)
MSCI ESG Rating BBB (February 2019)
RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment 27 (22nd percentile — April 2018)
WWF and UN
Russian Metals and Mining Companies Environmental Transparency Rating
2nd place (2018)

Key sustainability progress

We measure our sustainability progress against the following focus areas:

  1. Ensuring the safety of our employees
  2. Managing our environmental impact
  3. Supporting community development

Ensuring the safety of our employees

2017 Priorities 2017 Progress 2018 Priorities
  • Reduce injury rate
  • Zero fatalities
  • Improve Health and Safety management system
  • Ensure compliance with international standards
  • Injury rate reduced by 20%
  • Contractor injury rate reduced by 90%
  • Zero Fatalities
  • 85% of drivers engaged in passenger and dangerous goods transportation received “Protective driving” training
  • Sustainability Action Plan implementation completed, and passed ICMM audit
  • Implementation and certification of the integrated HSE management system
  • Zero injury rate
  • Reduce number of road traffic accidents and related injuries
  • Improve MedChecks quality — implement daily MedChecks
  • Implementation of HSE Leadership standard
  • Increase safety culture level to 2.2 by 2018 and 2.5 by 2020 on the Bradley scale

Managing our environmental impact

2017 Priorities 2017 Progress 2018 Priorities
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Improve waste management practices
  • Implement new environmental standards
  • Reduce number of severe environmental incidents
  • 4.8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • $40.6 million spent on environmental protection
  • 45.2kWh energy saved per kg gold produced
  • 89% of water recycled and reused
  • Work towards a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020
  • Implementation of corporate standards on Reclamation and Mine Closure and a Standard on Cyanide Management
  • Develop a Company Waste Utilisation Campaign
  • Biodiversity assessments at all business units
  • Introduce Environmental protection and Greenhouse gas management corporate training courses

Supporting community development

2017 Priorities 2017 Progress 2018 Priorities
  • Develop infrastructure in our regions of operation
  • Provide social support through charity, donations and sponsorship
  • Implement federal and regional projects that deliver a range of social and economic benefits
  • $42.6 million allocated to social support activities
  • Over 90% of social expenses allocated to charitable projects
  • Increased support for arts and culture
  • Improve goal-setting process for community engagement
  • Support the third Polyus Golden Season Theatre Competition